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To make our guests feel comfortable we have some common rules that must be respected by everyone that moors in the harbour. 

Do this:

  • Check-in and pay your berth at the Harbour Office upon arrival.
  • It is your responsibility to moor your boat safely. Wasahamnen takes no responsibility for damage to your boat.
  • Moor only at specified locations. It is not allowed to moor on the outside of an another boat.
  • Drive at a maximum speed of 3¬†knots in the harbour basins.
  • Respect your neighbours. Do not play music and keep a low noise level after 10 PM.
  • Use the black and grey water station at the inlet of the harbour. It is forbidden by Swedish law to empty your tanks in the sea.
  • Dispose and sort your garbage at the stations opposite the Harbour Office.
  • Always follow the instructions given by the Harbour Master or the staff, failure to do so can result in expulsion from the harbour.
  • Please Contact the Harbour Office if you have any question or concerns regarding your stay.

Do not do this:

  • Do not moor by using an anchor. We use mooring fingers or buoys.
  • Do not joyride with the tender in the harbour basins. It is forbidden for safety and environmental reasons.
  • Avoid open fires and barbecues on the boat or on the docks. It is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.
  • It is forbidden to throw waste or spill fuel or other chemicals in the sea.
  • Do not run you engine or generator when moored.